Aura Executive Homes

Aura Executives Homes gives you the luxury of choosing your stay from the wide spectrum of properties at various prime locations in Mumbai.
We do not promise a " Home away from Home" but we strive to make you feel at Home.
The amenities we provide are selected to provide you comfort after a hard day of work.
We provide comfortable, luxury housing for all your needs at better rates, 30% - 40% cheaper than a luxury hotel, and amenities that are no less in comparison. With food that can be made to your choice to services that can be customized to suit you budget, we offer one stop solution to all your needs for your stay in Mumbai.
This could be your choice of stay for your work or vaccation and your stay will be tailored to your requirements.

Why choose a serviced apartment instead of a hotel?
Hotel Service apartments
Steep Rates
Serviced apartments are a great cost effective alternative to restrictive hotel rooms, being an average of 30-45% cheaper than hotel accommodation of an equivalent quality.
Non Customised Standard Service
The Apartment Service also prides itself on offering valuable and impartial advice tailored to your needs - accompanied viewings, local information and excellent value for money, keeping you well within your budget.
The limitations on space can make Mumbai hotel stays both boring and stressful
The space, home comforts and own environment of a serviced apartment helps people relax. An apartment nearly always provides more space and privacy.
You may prepare meals and snacks to suit you, at prices that do not break the bank, ideal if you are with your family.
Not affordable for large group
Especially if sharing or in a group - a serviced apartment usually works out cheaper per person than a hotel room of an equivalent standard.
If you are on business, then you will have your own work area and a private meeting place - away from prying eyes and ears ! A serviced apartment offers a comfortable and relaxing stay in a home from home atmosphere, a place to put your feet up and relax after a busy day.

Why choose a serviced apartment instead of a Leased apartment?
Leased Apartment Service Apartment
Hassles of searching rented Apartment and entering into term lease agreement
Unlike a short term let, there's usually no restrictive residential lease
Organise for furnishing, white goods, maid, cook and all other required essentials
Serviced apartments are a 'home from home', are fully furnished and usually offer some or all of the benefits of a hotel, such as maid service, cook, regular clean linen, round the clock room service and leisure facilities
Pay electricity bills, telephone bills, gas connection, etc
All bills are included (except for your outgoing phone calls)
Leased Apartment are not a ideal choice for long or extended stays
The Apartment service can be the perfect option for you, whether you're looking for an extended stay in city for a day, a week, a month or a year.
You get more from a serviced apartment: more freedom, more privacy and more for your money
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